Cream Cheese Salmon Maki by White House Fusion Cuisine in Davao

Happiness in a Cream Cheese Salmon Maki

A layer of vinegar-infused white rice. A sheet of nori. A fresh slice of salmon sashimi. These are some of my favorite things in my favorite cuisine. And when they’re all rolled together with an important addition of cream cheese, it becomes a mouthful of happiness called a Cream Cheese Salmon Maki.

I get giddy just thinking about it.

Whenever I see this on the menu of any restaurant I visit, the probability of me ordering it is very high. (If I didn’t order it, be very surprised. But you can be sure I was at the very least very tempted.) Whenever I order it, though, I always spend about 5 seconds wondering if it will be as good as I expect it to be. I don’t like having expectations. But with Cream Cheese Salmon Maki, I can’t help it.

White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge did not disappoint.

Of course, being in Davao, where I’ve found that all fish is served fresh, it’s no surprise that this is a delectable maki, and filled me with joy. (This is not marketing speak. I really was talking like this during dinner; I think my friends were secretly laughing at me—with love, I hope.)

The cream cheese was smooth and creamy, and, despite already having nori inside the roll, they also added a dusting of the dried seaweed on the outside as a final touch.

As for plating, I know that some restaurants discard the “imperfect” maki ends, or, if they’re feeling meticulous, pack it in to form a straighter edge. But I like how White House Fusion Cuisine did it: putting the somewhat pointy ends in the middle to give the plate some texture. To give balance to the dish, the sushi maki on the plate is joined by gari (ginger) for cleansing the palate. (Yes, it’s not there as decoration.)

I also ordered a lovely pot of tea to go with my Cream Cheese Salmon Maki. And I do mean that quite litereally—the pot looks so nice!

Japanese Tea at White House Fusion Cuisine in Davao
photo by Sarah Cada

This dinner *technically* wasn’t part of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2015 organized by the Davao Bloggers Society, but I’m glad that we chose it to cap off the tour. Because it still was Davao food, and I appreciated it. Yey!

White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge
Camella Northpoint, Bajada, 8000 Central
Davao City, Philippines
(082) 2824540 / +639154483601

What about you? Have you tried Cream Cheese Salmon Maki? Share your experience in the comment section below!


  • jongskie721

    July 26, 2015

    hello sarah, thanks for leaving a comment at my blog post about Malayan Insurance. Oh well, finally nakinig din sila sakin. mali yata nung tao nila, kasi pinadala ko through LBC ung mga documents, ang sabi di daw natanggap, pinuntahan ko pa LBC to confirm kung sino naka receive. Simula nun, through FAX ko na pinadala whenever may claims ako. So far, okay na. It was my first time kasi na mg claim at inabot ng more than 2 months bago nila naayos. Teka, gawa kaya ako ng post about them ulit. hehehe Pag pupunta akong Davao, I hope I could try this place out, though d ako masyado fan ng Maki 🙂


    • Sarah

      July 26, 2015

      Hi Zoan! Marami silang ibang dishes aside from maki! May steaks din sila. Japanese and European fusion cuisine kasi sila. I’ll write about a couple more siguro.

      Salamat sa tips tungkol sa Malayan! I’ll wait for your follow-up post. 🙂

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