Waiting for chug-chug-chugging

Before October 2014, I had never ridden a train. I’m not talking about city subways or bullet trains. I’m talking about cross-country ones that you ride for hours, where you stay in little cabins with your luggage tucked beside you; ones that seem to make you say “locomotive” instead of “train” in your head.

Off to the Islands, Bohol 2010

7,107 Islands

When a friend visited the Philippines recently, there was a question that people asked him quite a few times. “Of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines, how many have you visited?” He just smiled and said: “Two. The island where …

Photo source: Isaakcom on instagram

Panda Cake

This is not my photo, but it must be in my blog. Partly because it’s food — and I LOVE food — but mostly because it’s pandas. If you want me to be happy, just show me a panda, and …